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Religious Costumes for Good Friday Via Crucis

Many parishes and schools enact the Via Crucis - Way of the Cross during Lent and particularly on Good Friday. Here is a collection of dignified costumes, ranging from the very inexpensive to higher quality, to portray all the characters of the Passion of Our Lord. Since the Via Crucis is primarily enacted by adults,  please see the separate children's size page to outfit the young Christians who will walk with the Lord. Save with coupon codes listed on each page. Ships immediately.

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Mary Mother of God

Disciples & Followers

View Costumes and Accessories

View Costumes and Accessories


View Costumes and Accessories


Children's Biblical Costumes Romans and Soldiers Accessories

View Biblical Costumes for Children

View Costumes and Accessories

Everything You Need

Crown of Thorns



Wigs and Beards

and More


Available March 5th

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