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Where to Find Work
Securing a job when you've lost one, or when you need additional work to make ends meet, can present a major challenge.  Where do you look?  Make no mistake about it, browsing job postings can be time consuming. The necessity of creating different resumes for each type of position, not to mention cover letters, can eat up your day. And the lack of response, sometimes for months on end, can be disheartening. 

The big sites, like Monster, may offer plenty of opportunities, but you won't find a link here since we applied to list them here and were rejected because our Catholic content is considered "hateful".

Better yet, look at Jobs.com.  They have most of the same listings to look through.

If you need a little extra work to help pay the bills, sign up for hourly work at national firms such as Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's, Domino's, Toys R Us, and many more at Snag a Job. 

If you're a professional and your firm has downsized - or gone out of business, take a look at Go Freelance.  There are lots of companies seeking skilled freelancers in the USA and worldwide. Jobs include software programmers, website designers, writers, editors, medical and legal transcribers, graphic design and illustration, data entry and much more. Well worth a look. We don't need to discuss the cost of gas these days.  Go Freelance has lots of jobs that allow you to work from home - and that's a big bonus.

If you find that your options have dried up in the USA, you might want to look at jobs in Canada through Workopolis

Think outside the box: there are also opportunities for "everyday" people in acting and modeling, too. Explore Talent has a listing of casting calls and auditions with free sign up. All those people in mob scenes get paid and you can, too.

When all else fails -- or if you have an entrepreneurial spirit -- take a look at our page on starting your own business.

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